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Also check out our other site: for Alaskan Quilt and Cross Stitch Designs and Northern Quilting Fabrics.
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Changing Threads is Now Aurora Yarns of Alaska!

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Welcome to our web site featuring fantastic Hand-dyed in Alaska products! Changing Threads & Dyeworks is now Yarns of Alaska and is located on 5th and Broadway on 5th, Skagway, Alaska. We feature a wide and colorful selection of exciting exclusive designs in overdyed wools and yarns by artists from around Alaska. We're close to the cruise ship dock so if you're in Skagway, make sure to walk over and see us!

Yarns from local dyers and QIVIUT from the Northern Musk Ox fibers are our most luxurious findings! Browse the colorful array here at our on-line store! Cross Stitch can also be found at Yarns of Alaska. Needlepoints and Fabrics are now located in our sister store, Rushin’ Tailor’s QuiltAlaska at 370 Third Avenue, Skagway, Alaska along with our exclusive Alaskan quilt designs and Alaskana fabrics and flannels. Visit us there at!

Downtown Skagway Shop Locations

Enjoy browsing our web site and seeing the fun things we are up to! We are excited to feature our new wool designs and luxury yarns! *

You can find us on facebook here.